Artist Statement

I am a self-taught sculptor without any formal training in art. I have, however always had an interest in design aesthetics and visual art skills.

Medical and Plastic Surgery training has provided me with an extensive knowledge of human anatomy, proportion and aesthetics.

I believe that an ideal art form should not only be uniquely conceived but should be technically well executed and emblematic of the artist’s style. There is perhaps now an over-emphasis on innovation and the search for new ideas for their own sakes over traditional skills and lasting materials. A deep understanding of technique, process and anatomy is such a liberating factor in the creative potential of a sculptor.

What I enjoy about bronze figurative sculpture is that the bronze, having undergone the necessary transformation to embody the subject maintains its own distinctive character.

I endeavor to produce works of art with a timeless aesthetic appeal in enduring materials, with the potential to enhance private and public space.

The main themes of my current work are a tribute to movement and the inherent beauty of the human form. My sculptures depict moments of tranquil elation, grace and transcendent states. Many share a sensitively erotic theme – a celebration of life. Other works illustrate the anatomy beneath and may even take on a more sinister theme.